Yoga Tips: If you do yoga daily then do not ignore these 20 rules even by mistake

Yoga Tips: All the benefits of yoga can only be obtained if you practice yoga by following all the rules. Do not practice yoga immediately after eating, so wait at least 2 to 3 hours.

Practice yoga postures following the rules of yoga.

Agra, Jagran correspondent. Practicing yoga not only helps you with your physical health but also helps you overcome mental problems. According to yoga teacher Anita Yadav, all the benefits of yoga can only be obtained when a person practices yoga by following all the rules.

yoga rules

1. Before practicing yoga, it is important to cleanse the body, mind and surrounding areas.

2- Yogasana should be practiced on an empty stomach. If you feel weak, you can add some honey to warm water and drink it.

3- Before starting any yoga, the bladder and intestines must be empty. Therefore, urinate and defecate in advance.

4- Before starting yoga, pray and worship. Doing so brings good thoughts to mind and helps you mentally prepare for yoga.

5. Yogic activities should be practiced with normal breathing and complete alertness and attention. Start the movements slowly and comfortably.

6- Before starting any asana, do stretches and warm-ups, so that the muscles are not damaged while practicing yoga.

7- Before performing any asana for the first time, practice it well and make sure you are using the correct posture and technique.

8- If possible, maintain a sattvic diet, avoiding meat, eggs, onion, garlic and mushrooms.

9-Drink a sufficient amount of water daily so that there is no shortage of water in the body.

10- Wear appropriate and comfortable clothing. During this period, it is recommended to wear loose cotton clothing, so that you do not feel any type of obstacle when practicing yoga postures.

11- Yoga is always practiced in a clean and well-ventilated place.

12- To practice yoga, use a mat with good grip, so that you do not slip when performing physical postures.

13- Pay special attention to your breathing during yoga. Breathe only as instructed by the instructor.

14- Do not breathe through your mouth unless the coach tells you to.

15- To keep the body calm, complete all the yoga relaxation exercises. 

16- When taking any new position, pay close attention to speed and avoid any type of tremor.

17- Train only according to your physical capacity. If you cannot correct the posture immediately, you can try again following the trainer’s advice and little by little you will be able to adopt this posture.

18- There is a limit to performing each yoga asana, which must always be kept in mind. Exceeding the limit levels can make the situation dangerous.

19- The yoga session should end with meditation, peace and determination, so that your mind remains completely calm and absorbed.

20- Avoid eating, drinking water and bathing for 30 minutes after practicing yoga.

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