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Do these yoga asanas regularly for five minutes in the morning and you will remain active throughout the day.

Yoga Asanas for Morning: Yoga is useful in solving all the problems at physical and mental level. By doing yoga regularly, many diseases are removed from the human body and it also increases mental stress and energy. To attain happiness and peace in life, apart from a strong body, a strong mind is also required. Emotional out of body experiences can make life easier and happier. Be it your daily routine or your work, without proper motivation it becomes monotonous and boring. In such a situation, yoga also helps in starting the day with energy and enthusiasm. Take five minutes every morning to start the day with better energy from a dull mind and body. In these five minutes, practice yoga asanas that activate your mind. Tell us about the yogasanas you do every morning to get energy.


This asana makes the body more flexible and also helps in reducing belly fat. To do this asana, first lie down with your face on the ground. Place your lower body on the floor and place your palms shoulder-width apart. Inhale and lift your upper body or chest off the floor. Then exhale and bend your body towards the ground.


To do this asana, first of all stand straight keeping distance between your heels and toes. Now raise both your hands to waist level and join your palms and fingers together. Keeping your neck straight and looking forward, lift the heels of your feet, then place your entire body weight on your toes. Maintain balance in this posture by contracting your stomach.

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This is also called cross-legged position. To do this asana, sit in meditation posture. Now hold your left wrist with the help of your right hand behind your back. Now inhale while pulling your shoulders back. Then, as you exhale, lean forward and touch your right knee with your head. Inhale again and return to the starting position.


To do this yoga, open your legs and raise your hands upwards and open them outwards. Now slowly bring your straight hand towards your leg. Look down while bending at the waist. Keep your palms flat on the floor. Move the opposite hand upward. The same process is repeated from the other side also.

Note: This article has been prepared on the basis of suggestions from yoga experts. To know the correct position of the asana, you can contact a yoga teacher.

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